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Railway Tracks

Railway Track Monitoring & Surveying Services

Vital Consultancy is your dedicated partner for advanced Railway Track Monitoring & Surveying Services. Our comprehensive range of offerings ensures accurate assessments, compliance, and optimal project outcomes in the rail industry.

Railway Track Monitoring & Rail Surveys

  • Topographical and cross-section surveys, complete with CAD drawings for comprehensive insight.

  • Detailed pre-start and post-completion condition reports, including precise track geometry surveys.

  • Installation of specialized track monitoring targets, enabling remote monitoring for continuous insight.

  • Ongoing railway track monitoring with meticulous trigger evaluation during and after intrusive works.

  • Platform gauging and laser scanning services for enhanced precision.


Structural Surveys

  • Site surveys to ensure safety and compliance.

  • Statutory inspections encompassing bridges, tunnels, and overhead utility projects.

  • Structural examinations and dilapidation surveys for accurate assessment and planning.

  • Platform and track gauging assessments for precise project execution.


Additional Services

  • Underground Utility Detection Surveys to identify subsurface utilities and prevent conflicts.

  • Creation of drill profiles to guide project planning and execution.

  • Comprehensive topographic surveys for accurate site data and insights.

  • Geotechnical investigations to assess ground conditions and inform decision-making.

  • Measurement of noise and vibration levels for compliance and safety.

  • PPE surveys for service locations and void detection.

  • Fixed remote monitoring of ground and track movement for extended project duration.

  • Rail consultation for development projects impacting rail infrastructure, ensuring alignment with standards.

Railway Tracks

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