Safety on the Railway infrastructure is of paramount importance. There is an increasing demand for utility providers and contractors who have a requirement to install services beneath the Railway Infrastructure or work on or adjacent to an operational line. In these instances Vital Consultancy has long been established as a market leader in providing professional Consultancy and construction packages. Consisting of a team that has extensive knowledge of the procedures and methodology required for working within the Railway Infrastructure, Vital Consultancy are able to Consult, design and construct all aspects of undertrack Crossings and work adjacent to the line enabling an efficient and lean construction process.

Vital Consultancy focus on developing long-term Relationships with both our Clients and Network rail that are sustained through transparency, expertise and trust to optimise the Whole process from feasibility study to completion.


Railway Consultancy

Surveying and Monitoring 
Building and Civil Engineering Services


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Vital Consultancy offer a bespoke Consultancy Service capable of meeting the needs of clients whilst satisfying Network Rail demands

All aspects of Surveying and Railway Monitoring can be carried out in full compliance to Network Rail Standards

All aspects of Building and Civil engineering works carried out in association with works on or adjacent to the Railway Infrastructure.

Vital Power Services - Vital Metering - Vital Power UK

Railway Consultancy and approval support for working on or adjacent to network rails infrastructure
Railway surveying and track monitorting
Civil enginnering works and associated building works on and ajacent to the railway infrastructure

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