Services Include:

Client Support Services

Right from inception, we're with you, stage by stage, until completion, our specialist knowledge, together
with wide-ranging practical experience, enabling rapid decision-making and cost-effective delivery, time after time.

  • Project Management
  • Site Management
  • Technical Advice
  • Safety Management
  • Asset Protection + Monitoring
  • SSOW and Possession Planning

  • Provision of Safety Critical Staff

  • Project Programming + Planning
Design, Consultation and Obtaining of Network Rail Engineering Approvals

Whether initially involved in the design stage or otherwise, our team of structural, civil and geotechnical engineers are well-placed to quickly assimilate a client’s needs and obtain Network Rail Approvals.

  • Obtaining of Network Rail Form A, B
    and C Approvals.

  • Preparation of settlement and transmitted
    vibration calculations.

  • Category 3 design checking.

  • Asset management plans, risk assessments
    and workplans.
  • Under-track crossing design including best practise route decisions consistent with permitted statutory, planning and railway regulations.

  • Technical assistance guaranteeing full compliance with NWR Group and Company Standards.
Specialist Rail Surveying Services

The use of specialist instrumentation, suitably designed or adopted for railway use, enables close tolerance reliability both on and off track.

  • Topographical surveys, cross sections,
    layout and route plans.

  • Track geometry surveys using data
    recording trolleys.

  • Track surveys including S&C and plainline.

  • Platform and structure gauging in connection with train clearance standards.

  • OHL surveys.
  • Signal sighting surveys.

  • Level crossing surveys.

  • As-Built drawings.

  • Auto-Cad Design.
Track and Infrastructure Monitoring Packages

Without such precautions, there is a serious risk of damage or derailment occurring within the operational railway infrastructure, prevention not being just a case of taking levels, but the precise interpretation of each and every result relative to line speed, track geometry and various trigger evaluation factors.

  • Pre-start and post completion infrastructure services.

  • Void, tilt and transmitted vibration
    detection techniques.

  • Remote monitoring fully compliant with Network Rail Group Standards.

  • Coverage includes track, embankments, cuttings, retaining walls, tunnels, bridges and other structures.
  • Internet based, real time reporting of data direct from site.

  • Contingency standby track reinstatement facilitation.
Structural and Services Surveys

The provision of fully- trained personnel, using state-of-the-art equipment, enables us to guarantee highly-accurate results in full conformance to Network Rail's Group and Company Standards, whatever the task, whatever the circumstance.

  • 3D point cloud tunnel surveys.

  • Bridge + tunnel clear route profiling.

  • Buried services detection and plotting.

  • Route feasibility studies.

  • Structural examinations.
Track Conceptual Design

Our services include not only the undertaking of surveys, but also the preparation of initial feasibility studies for track design, with especial relevance for new or extended sidings, etc.

  • Obtaining of geo-technical data and supplying
    historical site plans.

  • Drawing-up of 'best practice’ layouts to aid
    cost-effective use of available land.

  • Assistance with the obtaining of Network Rail approvals, including liaison with relevant departments, route availability and classification issues, etc.
  • Production of costings for Capex budget purposes.

  • Post-approval setting-out.

  • Provision and laying of points and track-work in
    association with our own internal Rail Division.
Geotechnical Investigations

The production of feasible, cost-effective schemes rely not only on the proper undertaking of the initial bore-hole investigation, but also the quality of the interpretive report, with special emphasis on analyzing prevailing conditions which may adversely affect the stability of the railway or its associated operational structures.

  • Percussion and rotary-drilling.

  • Core and soil-sampling.

  • Chemical and waste contamination analysis.

  • Ground-water tables.
  • Hand dug trial hole excavations
    proving + reports.

  • ABS - automatic ballast sampling.

  • Installation + monitoring of piezometer readings.
Design and Build Under-track Crossings

Our unique ability to provide all aspects from initial surveys, detailed design, obtaining of Form A, Form B, and Form C Network Rail approvals, through to installation has become one of our most sought-after services, enabling rapid and highly-efficient progression from start to finish, together with offered cost-savings, and sound practical advice during all stages of progress.

  • Topographical and geo-technical surveys.

  • Schemes cover all services, including gas, water, cables and telecommunications.

  • Installation by tunnelling, auger-boring,
    pipe-ramming, or directional drilling.

  • Obtaining of Network Rail approvals including design and methodology.
  • Preparation and Cat 3 checking of ground movement calculations, plus operational risk analysis.

  • Fully-trained personnel ensure competence and total reliability at each and every stage.

  • Track monitoring in full accordance with Network Rail’s Letter of instruction.

  • In-house stand-by track reinstatement provided where necessary to ensure that trains continue to run without incurring unnecessary costs, claims or delays.
Drainage Systems

There is a constant need to ensure that existing drainage is kept in good running order, without which serious damage can quickly occur in storm conditions, creating major wash-outs, severe flooding of line-side buildings and equipment, plus shorting-out of track circuits, with consequential Train Operator delay penalties.

  • Carrying out of remedial + new works to
    all types of drainage.

  • Rodding and Proving, including condition surveys and maintenance recommendations.

  • Blockage clearance and installation of control measures.
  • Preparation, costing, obtaining of Network Rail approvals and carrying-out of remedial works, alterations, and extensions to all types of drainage.

  • Culvert examination, repair, relining and replacement.
Minor Building and Civil Engineering Work

There are all to often a series of smaller jobs waiting to be done, as such ideal for us to deliver within one highly cost-effective package. This is particularly suitable where a Client requires work to be undertaken outside the normal scope of expertise, enabling concentration to be focused on day-to-day activities whilst we quickly and efficiently sort out the remainder

  • Alterations to platforms, buildings, and
    track-work, including re-positioning of drainage, signage, posts, buffer-stops,
    fencing, etc.

  • Re-positioning and protecting of underground services including anti-theft and vandalism measures.
  • installation of manholes, drainage
    and cable runs.

  • Temporary level crossing installation
    + removal.